Celebrating Women In Engineering Day

Celebrating Women In Engineering Day

To mark Women In Engineering Day we’re taking a look at some of the amazing female engineers in our faculty.

Sunday 23rd June is International Women in Engineering Day and we are proud to have so many amazing women working and studying here, in such a wide variety of disciplines and roles. Here are just a few…

Professor Lucy Berthoud, Professor of Space Engineering

Professor Lucy BerthoudI teach Spacecraft Systems Engineering in the Aerospace Engineering department and I also work in industry at Thales Alenia Space UK, a spacecraft design company. In industry I work on satellite design for future science missions and at the University of Bristol I work with students to help them to design and build their own satellites. Read more about Lucy’s work.


Kalyani Rajkumar, Research Associate Electrical and Electronic Engineering  

Kalyani Rajkumar

Kalyani successfully completed her postgraduate course in Advanced Microelectronic Systems Engineering (AMSE) at the University of Bristol and now works on 5G technology at the Smart Internet lab at the University.


Dr Antonia Tzemanaki, Lecturer Mechanical Engineering

Dr Antonia TzemanakiI research and develop wearable robotic devices with application in healthcare. This can lead to finding novel solutions to problems that can transform society, which I find very exciting. I also try to combine teaching and research, as working with students on these challenges can be very fulfilling. Antonia is also a member of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory.


Christine Braganza, Ella Allan and Octavia Clark, Engineering Undergraduate Students  

Christine Braganza, Ella Allan and Octavia Clark

Mechanical Engineering students Christine Braganza and Ella Allan and Engineering Design student Octavia Clark created A Grand Gromplication for the 2018 Gromit Unleashed 2 charity trail with the help of our brilliant technicians. Read more.


Professor Weiru Liu

Professor Weiru Liu, Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Research Director                                                                                           My research investigates advanced technologies for developing data-driven intelligent autonomous systems in an increasingly connected world, so as to benefit our society and citizens. Applications of these systems are endless, from future transportation, digital health, to personal assistance and  environment monitoring, to name a few.


Dr Ruzanna Chitchyan and Yael Zekaria at the International Conference on ICT for Sustainability

Dr Ruzanna Chitchyan, Living with Environmental Change EPSRC Fellow and Yael Zekaria, Research Associate Computer Science Ruzanna provides software support for the UK’s energy system’s transition from centralised fossil fuel to localised renewables. Whilst Yael models skills shortages and training needs to ensure the workforce is prepared for the change. Their essential work ensures the UK continues to have a reliable, affordable energy supply.


Rachael De'Ath working on site

Rachael De’Ath, Senior Teaching Associate Civil Engineering         I’m a Chartered Structural Engineer at Arup Bristol and a lecturer. I love designing buildings and working as a team to deliver them. My particular area of interest and experience is in reuse of existing buildings, which I believe is a really important part of sustainable development, as well as always being an interesting challenge! Rachael made the Telegraph’s Top 50 Women in Engineering 2018.


Grace Kelly and Cora Fung receiving their awards

Grace Kelly and Cora Fung, Civil Engineering Undergraduates  Grace Kelly and Cora Fung came first and second in the Institute of Civil Engineers South West Emerging Engineers Award. The Emerging Engineers Award promotes and rewards outstanding communication of civil engineering ideas and research.



Dr Karen Aplin and Dr Keri Nicoll working on the Snowdon summit

Dr Karen Aplin, Senior Lecturer in Space  Here Karen is working with her colleague Dr Keri Nicoll on her Snowdon Summit cosmic ray and meteorological station. She studies the effects of space weather on our atmosphere and this research is part of a Welsh language outreach project run by the Royal Astronomical Society. Engineering Undergraduates Ilham Said and Annabelle Bale assisting on the project.


Cara Williamson and Anouk Spelt

Cara Williamson and Anouk Spelt, Bio-Inspired Flight Lab      Cara and Anouk run the Urban Gull Project, which uses GPS tags to track Bristol’s lesser black-backed gulls. Combining engineering and biology the project investigates how energy saving depends on their navigate through their urban environment and using this data to improve drone navigation in cities. They run outreach events to inspire young people to choose a career in STEM, reaching more than 550 young people in Bristol so far.


Valentina Noacco speaking at a workshop

Valentina Noacco, NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow, Water and Environmental Engineering Research Group   Valentina works with the insurance sector to help them make more robust decisions based on their catastrophe models. By transferring methods, software and expertise on uncertainty and sensitivity analysis, this research ensures financial resilience and better preparation for when disasters hit.


Dr Valeska Ting working in the lab

Dr Valeska Ting, Reader in Smart Nanomaterials, Mechanical Engineering I am a materials engineer working on the design, fabrication and testing of nanomaterial-based composites. The materials we develop will help us to lower the carbon dioxide emissions from transportation and will allow the adoption of more sustainable fuel sources such as renewable hydrogen.


Want to be part of our community? We’re always looking for more excellent people to join our community. See the full list of job opportunities in the Faculty of Engineering. Find out more about undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Read about our work to improve diversity.