Bristol Electrical and Electronic Engineering Society (BEEES)

Theano Xirouchaki, Kira Goode and Florence Townend

Bristol Electrical and Electronic Engineering Society

Societies give students the chance to be creative and get to know their classmates outside of lectures. They’re a great way to make friends and get insider knowledge of your subject from those in the years above yours. Each society is run by committee and elections each year encourage new people to get involved.
Kira Goode, the outgoing president of BEEES explained what they do and why she got involved.

What motivated you to run for president?

I really enjoy getting involved in Uni events and liked the opportunity to help BEEES continue to run theirs this year. I found BEEES a great way to make friends when I joined in my first year and wanted to ensure new students had the same opportunities as I did.

What events does the society organise?

Robot wars 2019 on YouTube

We host many events throughout the year, including formals, socials, talks and competitions. Our main events are Robot Wars, Make-a-thon and the MVBall. Robot wars runs twice a year and gives students the chance to learn how to build their own ant-weight roots, which they can fight in our competition to win prizes!

The Make-a-thon
Make-a-thon is a 24-hour event where students build solutions to a problem they have found in the world and pitch it to judges from industry to win prizes. It’s really fun and collaborative. Our socials are for more chilled out mingling to make friends and get to know other people outside of lectures and labs. We also host talks and workshops where our sponsoring companies explain what they do and how students can get involved.

What has been the highlight of your year?

The highlight of my year was our winter formal in collaboration with the Computer Science Society. It was one of the most complex events to organise so it was good to see it all come together successfully. Organising this event was a great experience for me and I really liked having another society involved.

What skills have you developed during your time as president?

I have greatly improved my organisation skills and learned how to manage doing many things at the same time. I have also learnt the importance of communication between committee members and improvising when things don’t go to plan.

What would you say to anyone thinking about becoming a committee member?

Definitely do it! There are so many opportunities to get involved, meet new people and you can take on different roles each year. As a society we’re very flexible and would love people to get more involved and generating new ideas.