My life, my work – Weiru Liu

My life, my work: Weiru Liu

“I can make contributions not just at the Faculty or the research group level but at the University level too, and it gets me thinking about bigger research strategies rather than just my own immediate research interests.”

Professor Weiru Liu has only been in the Faculty of Engineering at Bristol for a little over four years, but already has made a huge impact, not just in her research into Intelligent Autonomous Systems, but also as School Research Director, Faculty Research Director and more recently in a new role as Associate Dean for Temple Quarter Campus (Research & Enterprise).Read more

Diversity is a huge strength: Cameron Hall

Diversity is a huge strength: Cameron Hall

“Science and Engineering both really benefit from diverse perspectives, and developing scientists and engineers really benefit from seeing more role models like themselves.”

To celebrate LGBTQ+ in STEM Day, we talked to Cameron Hall, a lecturer in Engineering Maths and also the Faculty’s LGBTQ+ representative.Read more