International Student Stories: Ishita Arrives In Bristol

Aerospace student Ishita in Bristol and Bristol harbourside

International Student Stories: Ishita Arrives In Bristol

We hear from first-year Aerospace student Ishita Sharma, as she recalls how she felt when she encountered Bristol for the first time.


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To experience the transition from school to university, the mere thought was as terrifying as it was exciting. To top that, I was going to be alone in a whole new country. AND Covid was just the cherry on that cake.

Sunset over the Downs
The Downs is large public space close to campus and many student halls

So, when I was finally ready to embark on this journey, my worst nightmare came true. We were just about to get our tickets when my father was informed that he had an issue with his visa due to which he wouldn’t be travelling. Now take my word for it when I say I have never felt panic like this one, but hang in there, I promise a happy ending. I informed the communications coordinator [1] from the WhatsApp group about it. He helped me a lot and explained to me the procedure that was going to happen – I was going to sit in that plane, land at Heathrow and that my airport transfer service to my accommodation by the university was going to be free [2]. He added that since I had been travelling alone, I might get to travel in a car rather than a bus (due to safety reasons). I was not really that sad anymore.

Castle Combe in the snow
Castle Combe – only 25 mins from Bristol

So, my plane landed, and it was quite… normal. It wasn’t like those movies you know, the ones where the hair was supposed to fly in the wind while some motivational Bollywood song was playing in the background, but oh how hard I fell in love with Bristol. The whole journey from the airport to my accommodation was filled with vast, green landscapes and pretty houses. From spooky stories about its old structures to the pink skies meeting its gorgeous countryside, Bristol accepted me as its own and was winning my heart with each passing day.

I am an Aerospace student so I knew that studies were not going to be easy, but there has been so much support from the university. For instance, there are weekly progress tests that are not marked, but made only for you to track your progress on that particular topic. I have never been more excited to study when it comes to its aesthetically pleasing library that has every book I have ever needed. Since we have to study in our rooms due to the lockdown situation, sometimes it gets a bit too overwhelming for me, that’s when I go out for walks around the harbourside or Brandon Hill [3].

Sunset viewed from Brandon Hill
Brandon Hill is a short walk from the main University campus

I know, it seems too much of a fairytale and Netflix-show-material sort of story, but take my word for it. There was no other university or place I’d rather be.

[1] Just a fancy word for students who are already there, appointed to answer any query you have about anything at all; very helpful.
[2] The airport transfer service is free for every student!
[3] Some very pretty places you should definitely visit when you arrive here.

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