International Women in Engineering Day 2022

Seven images of women from the Engineering faculty

International Women in Engineering Day 2022

For International Women in Engineering Day, we’re celebrating some of our incredible inventors and innovators at the University of Bristol.

  1. Joanne Lin, Sakshi Saraff, Tegan Roberts-Morgan and Lipi Chakraborty, Computer Science students

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    Our Computer Science students have been working with industry clients to solve real world problems as part of their Software Engineering Project. Joanne’s app lets users send messages in augmented reality, Sakshi developed an app for the NHS that tracks skin cancer, Tegan built a personal tutor app and Lipi’s website measures poverty for UNICEF.

    From teamwork and presentations to liaising with clients, they’ve developed vital skills for their future careers as well as adding some real software engineering to their portfolios.

  2. Amy Bland, Specialist Technician – Hele Shaw hydraulics laboratory. Katie Smith, Technical Specialist – National Composites Centre
    Amy Bland
    Katie Smith

    Amy and Katie have been awarded places on the Midlands Innovation TALENT Herschel Programme for Women in Technical Leadership, a new programme to address the lack of staff who identify as women in technical leadership roles.

  3. Mayra Rivera Lopez, Postgraduate student

    Mayra’s work is out of this world. Literally! She’s developed a polymeric matrix that will be part of composite materials used in space. Current composites cannot withstand space conditions and degrade when they come into contact with atomic oxygen. Mayra’s matrix will create a self-protecting layer when exposed to atomic oxygen, making composite materials last longer.

  4. Ilham Said, MEng Aerospace 2020 and CEO of E2E
    Ilham Said
    Ilham Said

    With support and funding from the University of Bristol, Ilham grew her WhatsApp student group into an award-winning business.

    As well as working full-time in the aerospace industry, Ilham runs E2E (Engineer to Engineer) which supports around a thousand Bristol Engineering students and counting!

  5. Laura Rhian Pickard

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    Laura’s research with the NextCOMP team takes inspiration from nature to improve the performance of composite materials under pressure. Looking at structures like bamboo and bone, the team are hoping to find a new way to build composites, opening up new opportunities for their use.

  6. Zawadi Mwambeyu, Civil Engineering student
    Zawadi Mwambeyu receiving her award
    Zawadi Mwambeyu receiving her award

    Zawadi took the top spot at last year’s Women in Property’s National Student Awards, fighting off 119 other students working on built environment degrees.

    When questioned by industry professionals about a specific piece of coursework and career aspirations, Zawadi wowed the judges who said she ‘embodied the potential for an alternative way of leadership’.

  7. Mairi Deighan, Digital Health and Care CDT PhD student and Erin Dooley, Research Associate and Lecturer in Digital Health
    Composite photo of Mairi Deighan and Erin Dooley
    Mairi Deighan (left) and Erin Dooley (right)

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    Mairi is looking at how we can harness technology to advance healthcare. She’s currently working with Bristol’s Haematology and Oncology centre as well as Great Ormond Street Hospital to look at the use of virtual reality in child and adolescent cancer treatment.

    Erin’s route into Digital Health was inspired by her own health. In 2013, an usual spot on her wrist turned out to be melanoma skin cancer. It was initially mis-diagnosed as the photo sent by her GP to a Dermatologist, looked normal. Erin’s questions around face-to face medicine, machines and remote diagnosis eventually led to her own career in Digital Health.