Think Big Scholarships: two Indian students’ perspectives

Indian student Bhavika Jadav and the Cabot Tower on Brandon Hill

Think Big Scholarships: two Indian students’ perspectives

MSc Data Science student, Jaishankar Saini and MSc Digital Health student Bhavika Jadav (pictured) were both awarded Think Big scholarships to study in Bristol this year. Here are their thoughts about Bristol and experiences of the University.

On winning a Think Big Scholarship…

Bhavika: Having a scholarship definitely matters a lot. Being an international student, it eases some of the financial load. It also looks great for future references, like on your CV and in interviews. It adds to your credentials.

When applying for the scholarship try to add in all the important achievements and talents that define you: your future goals and dreams that will help society as a whole.

Jaishankar: My parents financially support me – we aren’t rich but they try their best to help me achieve my dreams. Receiving a scholarship made a big difference.

Try and think outside the box when you’re writing your application.

On the University and the support available…

Bhavika: The University has been trying its best to help their current students, especially in the COVID-19 situation. Also, various welcome events are helpful to learn about the city and the University overall.

Student wellbeing advisor with student
We have a range of mental health and wellbeing services to support you

The Student Wellbeing Service and Students’ Health Service have been great so far. I personally make use of them and they are quite supportive and helpful. They contact you immediately if you have any issues related to your health, including mental wellbeing.

Staff have been extremely helpful and nice to talk to. Being in the first batch of students in my current course and also transitioning from a medical to engineering field has been quite challenging for me, but there has been so much help available to me from staff.

Jaishankar: The Careers Service is the most useful support I have received from the University. If a student is confused about what to do next after graduating, the Careers Service is the place to go.

On living in Bristol…

Bristol graffiti
Bristol is famous for its street art

Bhavika: The city is especially suited for students due to its exquisite, lively and artistic environment. It has got some beautiful locations like the Wills Memorial Building, the harbour, Brandon Hill, Cabot Circus; there’s graffiti art and much more. It is also the most sustainable city in the UK. Bristol is rich in cultural heritage.

Jaishankar: What I found unique about Bristol is the mixture of modern and old architecture. Every moment at every place in Bristol is perfectly splendid.