Engineering Includes Me: Abdul-Azeez Balogun

left: Abdul-Azeez Balogun, right: graphic of aircraft engine

Engineering Includes Me: Abdul-Azeez Balogun

As a visually impaired individual navigating the field of engineering, Abdul-Azeez is committed to advancing the accessibility of STEM disciplines for aspiring engineers with a visual impairment.

Abdul-Azeez was nominated by Mohammad Ali Fakih, Senior Research Associate, School of Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering


The Engineering Includes Me Wall

Staff and students were invited to
nominate inspirational people in STEM
from marginalised or underrepresented
backgrounds. We commissioned eight
artworks for our shared spaces to
showcase and celebrate role models
from the faculty and beyond.

Abdul-Azeez Balogun is an exceptional person contributing to the field of engineering and STEM disciplines, epitomising resilience and determination in pursuing academic and professional excellence.

Despite facing challenges, he achieved a first-class aerospace engineering degree, and received the Best Overall Individual Project Award for developing a thrust-vectoring technology demonstrator – highlighting his dedication and passion for innovation. In his Master’s degree at the University of Bristol, he is researching the implementation of thrust vectoring as a backup flight control system for commercial aircraft.

Besides his academic achievements, Abdul-Azeez collaborates with industry experts, striving to pave the way for others by improving the accessibility of engineering software, tools, and processes.