Engineering Includes Me: Roussel Desmond Nzoyem

left: Roussel Demond Nzoyem, right graphic of computer code

Engineering Includes Me: Roussel Desmond Nzoyem

Roussel Desmond Nzoyem is a postgraduate researcher in AI and a driving force behind the University of Bristol Codemakers outreach initiative.

Roussel received three separate nominations from faculty members:


The Engineering Includes Me Wall

Staff and students were invited to
nominate inspirational people in STEM
from marginalised or underrepresented
backgrounds. We commissioned eight
artworks for our shared spaces to
showcase and celebrate role models
from the faculty and beyond.

Roussel is good candidate for this award for his contributions to STEM education, devoting his time and expertise to empower young minds in coding.

Codemakers highlights Roussel’s commitment to diversity in STEM. It seeks to augment the representation of girls in a traditionally male-dominated field. The program not only imparts technical skills but also instils confidence and curiosity in the minds of young learners.

Beyond the classroom, Roussel has become a role model and mentor, inspiring the next generation of female leaders in technology. His holistic approach to education, blending artistic insights with practical coding experiences, is proving to be transformative for countless students.