Engineering Includes Me: Dr Ayanna Howard

left: Ayanna Howard, right: graphic of robot head

Engineering Includes Me: Dr Ayanna Howard

Dr Ayanna Howard’s transformative work in AI, robotics, and computer vision, coupled with over 20 years of impactful experience, reflects not just her technical brilliance but a deep commitment to making a difference.

Dr Howard was nominated by Malcolm Kazimil, an Undergraduate Student in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.


The Engineering Includes Me Wall

Staff and students were invited to
nominate inspirational people in STEM
from marginalised or underrepresented
backgrounds. We commissioned eight
artworks for our shared spaces to
showcase and celebrate role models
from the faculty and beyond.

I am honoured to nominate Dr Ayanna Howard, a true inspiration for me as an aspiring engineer, her achievements speak to her unwavering dedication to using technology for societal good.

Her journey, from NASA to academia and co-founding Zyrobotics, which specializes in creating mobile therapy and educational products for children with differing needs, resonates with me, showcasing that engineering is not just a profession but a powerful tool for positive change. Dr Ayanna Howard’s genuine passion and impactful contributions make her a beacon, motivating me to aspire to more than just engineering excellence—to engineer for a better world.