17 Bristol women shaping the world

Women in engineering – shaping the world

The theme for Women in Engineering Day 2020 is ‘shape the world’, a call to action that’s particularly relevant right now. Our faculty’s commitment to 30 per cent female representation by 2030 is part of a wider drive for equality of opportunity  across our community.

We spoke to just a few of our talented staff and students about their experiences as women in engineering. In no particular order here are some Bristol women who are shaping the world.

  1. Jude Bramton and Ellen Gingell
    We’ve invested millions of pounds in state-of-the-art facilities to support our teaching and research. Jude and Ellen are part of a large team of brilliant technical experts who keep it all running smoothly. They tell us more about life in the lab.
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  2. Dr Aisling O’Kane 
    Specialising in human/technology interactions, Dr O’Kane is particularly interested in the way people use devices that manage type 1 diabetes. Once ‘in the wild’, gadgets aren’t always used as originally anticipated!
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  3. Selim Tudgey and Kat Styles
    The robots are on the rise. Whether you’re excited by the prospect or concerned about their impact on the world of work, they’ll certainly change lives in the coming decades. PhD students Selim (pictured) and Kat talk about their work.
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  4. Ellie Nelson-Coles, Helen Inman and Jade Low
    Remember Greta Thunberg and the climate crisis? Beyond the pandemic, many scientists predict an even bigger emergency. Three of our undergraduates, Ellie, Helen and Jade (pictured) tell us how they’re addressing environmental issues.
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  5. Chloe Young
    We’re much more conscious of big data and data modelling these days. It’s vital that data scientists are grounded in the ‘real world’ and that’s why we’re excited about our partnership with LV=GI. Chloe is part of the data science team embedded in SCEEM.
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  6. Dr Maria Pregnolato
    Dr Pregnolato is a lecturer in civil engineering and research fellow. Her current focus is on flood risk and impact, especially relating to bridges. She’s a keen advocate when it comes to bridging another kind of gap too.
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  7. Zoe Davidson and Suzie Collins
    PhD students Zoe (pictured) and Suzie are part of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering department. Their research involves looking at ways to make technology more efficient and therefore more eco-friendly.
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  8. Dr Chloe Martindale
    As we live ever more of our lives online, we need to know our communications and data are safe.  Dr Martindale is a researcher and lecturer in cryptography, she talks to us about maths, magic and mobile phones.
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  9. Chanelle Lee and Laura Gemmell
    If we want more diversity in engineering, we have to convince young people that they can be engineers. PhD students Chanelle (pictured) and Laura both love outreach work, using their skills to get kids hooked on creative coding from an early age.
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  10. Dr Hind Saidani-Scott and Dr Irina Lazar
    Dr Saidani-Scott and Dr Lazar are both lecturers in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Although they had contrasting experiences before coming to the UK, they’re both inspiring role models and passionate about challenging stereotypes and breaking down the barriers for tomorrow’s engineers.
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